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Running of the Bulls

April 30, 2012

With a little over a minute left in the 4th quarter of the first game of the playoffs, Derrick Rose underwent the much publicized injury to his ACL. Depending on who you ask, the Bulls playoff chances also collapsed in the heap. Regardless of that opinion, it’s the public stigma that the Bulls must show that they are poised to make a run deep into the playoffs and, perhaps to the Finals. The world of sports is very much a ‘what have you done for me lately’ framed world. But, as a Bulls fan, I’m encouraged. Many of those doubters would have their mouths wide open if I would’ve told them months ago, that the Bulls would go 18-9 without Rose in the regular season. Many have their mouths open now since Derrick Rose has been lost for the season. Yet again, I believe they will have their mouths open in gasp, as the Bulls continue to succeed and plow forward to the Finals.

What they continue to discount is the Bulls’ heart, experience and selflessness to play together as a unit, coupled with the workman mentality on defense, teamwork and stone-cold execution. With Coach Tibs at the helm, I’m a confident Bulls fan that our team will come together yet again in this crucial time. Rose’s latest injury cannot be placed on Coach Tib’s shoulders, as, from where I sit, Rose’s injury was not a product of being in an already settled game. More-so, I see it as an unfortunate injury rather than a bad decision to keep him in. The bottom line of it is, the Bulls are on the cusp of making yet another great run with doubters, but more importantly true fans, in tow. I am a believer that the same grit, determination, teamwork and willpower is enough to overcome. More importantly, I believe each player and coach believes that. It’s that belief and determination, coupled with execution which carried them through an injury-prone season. It will also be the determinate in what propels them forward now.