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B-B-T series pt. 2: Breakup

May 23, 2012

Hello! I pray that your day is going well today. This past month or so has been action-packed, as I’m in the midst of changing duty stations and getting settled into a new environment here in SC. After being here for three days now, I can say that I’m happy to be here. While I miss my folks in Ellsworth in SD, I’m believing that God is up to some great and mighty things. With that said, I’m super sorry that this post has been delayed which will continue the BBT series; the second part of the trilogy being breakup.

In the process of whatever is going on in life, restoration happens after a breakdown and a breakup. When you restore a car, many times you must breakdown, breakup and sand to get the desired result. As Hosea 10:12 talks about breaking up the fallow ground, many times God allows ‘breakups’ of various types into our lives when He wants to shift us. It could be relational, emotional, mental; essentially; we have to loose those negative feelings, ideas about ourselves and others and thought patterns that have us handcuffed. Many times, the only thing that separates us from the victory God has for us is our thought process and our unwillingness to replace old thoughts with God’s fresh word and promises.

Along with Hosea is Romans 8:18, where it says, for I reckon the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory which shall be revealed in us. Breaking up that verse into three parts gives us a picture of how God wants to move. The sufferings that you’re currently going through are not forever, but are merely a setup for where God wants to lead you. The current trial you’re going through isn’t worthy to be compared to what God has yet to do; for He wants His glory to truly flow in your life. It is in His glory that you’ll find blessings of His love, warmth, grace and power that you can’t fathom or imagine.

In the midst of the trials you’re going through you have to keep pressing, because God has something so awesome and mighty for you. It is in the trail that you’ll come out as pure gold. The more you lean and trust Him, the more He will reveal Himself to you and build a relationship with you. But, you have to allow Him to breakup those areas in your life that you don’t want anyone to know about. You have to surrender everything to His will, and it’s in the midst of whatever you’re facing that you’ll find His love and strength that much more.

One instance in which I had to allow God to breakup my fallow ground, was in letting go of the past. There have been instances where I wanted a relationship to happen, but despite my best efforts, it didn’t. No matter how much I pushed myself, or tried to love, it didn’t work. It can be incredibly frustrating wanting to love someone who doesn’t want it. Looking back now, I can see how God has worked it to my good; I’ve learned more about myself. I’m in a place where I’m more at peace and more content. More so, I’m thankful that through the hurt and pain, God didn’t leave nor forsake me. As I’ve turned to Him, He’s strengthened me, encouraged me and loved me. The hurt caused me to seek Him that much more and has delivered me from finding validation in others, but rather, finding value in what He thinks of me.

I’ve come closer to God and have learned to be more content and balanced. But, I had to be willing to allow God to work on me, to forgive not only the other person but also, myself. If I’d held onto the hurt and pain, I would’ve lost out on the awesome, freeing power of forgiveness. While it’s an ongoing process, it is in the midst of the ‘breakup’ of whatever you’re going through that God truly frees and opens you up to His love to rest in, trust in and reflect to others. When I let go and honestly dealt with the man in the mirror and asked God to help me to rest in His love, it was then that He could begin the process of freeing me from that pain. It’s my prayer that you do the same. Turn to Him, trust in Him, and allow Him to reflect His love to you.


A Moral Imperative Scene from Real Genius Movie (1985) | MOVIECLIPS

March 10, 2012

Watched this once again today; great move that inspires and gets you to let your hair down!

A Moral Imperative Scene from Real Genius Movie (1985) | MOVIECLIPS.


February 28, 2012

Lately, and ever often, I ask myself where I am vs where am I heading. Looking at old blog posts, poetry, etc; it’s interesting. I came to wordpress in an effort to consolidate a lot of the older stuff into a new home; kind of like looking through an old photo album. Sitting down and reading placed me back in the moments of the piece(s), all the while comparing simultaneously to where I am now. One thing that comes to mind is my desire to keep writing, keep pressing and believing; filling blank spaces with words of encouragement, love and hope from the Most High. It can be good to retrospect and look back. But then, there’s the next canvas to fill.