The Not-so ‘Young’ Guns

January 15, 2017

When a co-worker told me about the retirement of Carl Edwards, I like many was caught off-guard. But, upon further reflection, I thought of Jeff Gordon and the thoughts I’d had previously.

Back in the day, NASCAR had commercials that featured the ‘young guns’ of the sport. Ryan Newman and a few others were spotlighted and, as a Jeff Gordon fan, I couldn’t help but ask, why wasn’t Jeff featured? He’s not that much older than him! When Jeff got towards the latter part of his NASCAR career and analysts commentated on how he was the elder statesman, I couldn’t help but think, they do know Dale Jr isn’t too far behind him?

My point in this is, back then, I felt that once Jeff retired, there were a few guys that probably wouldn’t be that far behind.

As Jeff was and remains a trendsetter in NASCAR, I believe a new trend of the ‘not-retired’ will arise and many drivers will step away from the full-time grind as drivers who started when they were four and five are closing in or are past 40. With Tony Stewart and now Carl Edwards stepping away, it’s only going to continue. In the meantime, enjoy the ride.


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