End-time economics…

May 24, 2014

End-Time Economics

History of gold
    Biblical Perspective
    Historic Perspective
        To Modern Day Fall from gold standard
    Why falling away from the gold standard is fallible
    Why it only supports the scriptural reference(s) within Revelation
    What it means in terms of Current-day economics and beyond
        You can no longer buy or sell–you can no longer exchange your money for true
        Value…gold. In the end, Who is the true source?

Looking at the value of the dollar today is truly shocking. In a previous generation, it was not unheard of to go to the store and buy a meal for a family with spare change, literally. Nowadays, a single good steak can cost in double-digit dollars. In the 1980s, a gallon of gas could be had for less than a dollar. Today, we’ve seen gallons of gas exceed $5.  Clearly, the dollar has lost value drastically. But, what does it mean?


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