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Something New

February 15, 2014

I fear I walk alone
In the corners of time,
There’s something missing
Like an avalanche without
The snow, the cold
Lives on in the breaths
Of children running outside
In the echoes of  joy,
Reticent of a moonlit
Shadow, in the breath-breaking
Shouts. There’s something old,
Something new, willing
To break the white veil
And paint the grass underneath
To the unseen springs of water.
And though the grass is buried,
It will rise again
And though there’s times of silence–
There’s time to laugh
And though there’s clouds,
There’s a chance for solace–
To hold hands after
A long cry.
And, in the cold, it’s hard to run,
But without the cold,
Tears won’t fall
From smiling dimples, footprints
Creating mental postcards.
Hold my hand, as
Memories can be
Like loose-threaded tapestries
Like seed-whisked wind,
Summer grass meddling
in watermelon patches
watching underneath fireworks, running
To the fall’s leaf’s peaceful surrender…
Falling with feathers
Into knitted caps
Running for apple cider,
And hot chocolates.
And through the memories–
Waiting, like warm cheeks
For the shock of cold fingers–
In the waiting, embracing
Something new.