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New poem “Brave”

February 28, 2013


At night, I hear my dreams
Wanting to hold near
Then I utter prayers,
Trying not to think of self
There are so many out there
Needing help
Needing prayers
Somebody out there
Is thinking this too,
Our prayers can collide
And bring healing through
Hurting broken hearts
Where someone is wishing on stars
Not knowing where to go
Waiting for someone to understand
Homeless, in a tattered home
On a planet not theirs
Wearing new soles,
Yet walking around hurt,
Like the shoes have holes–
Walking the dirt, the night
Sky cradles clouds, interlocking
Fingers over the dark blue
light, lingers through
My thoughts of you
Now, I lay myself to sleep
Hold on, I hear myself say
Don’t let go of your dreams
Pray the Lord, our souls to keep