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What Truly Matters

January 15, 2013

Today, I’ve been thinking on how in the midst of making decisions, indecision is right there to counteract forward movement. You can rationalize all the reasons why not to make a step. It’s funny how it can be easy to come up with ideas why something won’t work. All the while, God is right there, saying He’ll never leave you nor forsake you. Wanting to remember when Isaiah said that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Wanting you to truly grasp when Paul said in His word that all things work together for your good; when you love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

It’s in the midst of doubt that you have to remember God’s word. What He said about you is what will stand the test of time, against negative emotions, thoughts and fears.  When all else seems like its falling in quicksand, it’s the word of Jesus that will help you to stand. As I find myself discerning God’s will, it’s a reminder that you have to focus on His word and His promises. But, like in the situation with Jonah, be willing to follow the direction He gives you.

You will not always understand. There will be times where it seems like He doesn’t hear you. It can get frustrating. But, it’s in those times, that He wants to show you that much more of who He is.

The past few months has been a time period where I’ve been seeking Him and the enemy has tried to discourage. Not necessarily with finances, or with material things; in those intimate places that God knows you hurt, but He’s waiting for you to trust Him.  I can say, that God has proven Himself faithful time and again. He is still breaking up fallow ground in some areas, but it’s in those times that God is healing and preparing. If you are in a season where you’re facing a decision or He is healing you, restoring you; be encouraged! He treasures you as His child, so much so that He gave His only Son for you. He is the master creator, who knows you by name, with all of your faults and all of your beauty. Seek Him and His word, and allow Him into those places that hurt. He knows how to restore, how to heal and how to give you true joy.