Lakers, Phoenix, Oh Ya!

November 14, 2012

The sports world is abuzz with NHL talks, NFL scores, Phil Jackson debacles and Phoenix fisticuffs. As of today, I’m still at a bit of a loss in regards to the Lakers rationale in not hiring Phil Jackson. A coach who’s won 11 championships, is an adept manager and psychologist who happens to know x’s and o’s seems just what the doctor ordered for the Lakers. For the Lakers to get this to work, unless D’Antoni has suddenly picked up how to coach defense, they will have to bring in a coaching staff that knows how to stop opponents. But, even if they do, I’m still trying to understand how in the name of catfish, that you stand up arguably the greatest coach of all time…

Imagine my surprise Sunday to see NASCAR highlights and see the rumble in the desert. Almost two days later, and my stance hasn’t changed; I support my driver. The great thing about this debacle is the sports world is abuzz about NASCAR, excitement is in the air, and Jeff Gordon may have just that much more motivation to layeth the smackdown and dominate in 2013. If people feel that JG was being disrespectful, I ask that you consider the following…

Clint Bowyer got into Jeff on at least three occasions: Martinsville spring race, a few weeks ago, and of course, Sunday. Furthermore, it wasn’t just that Bowyer hit Gordon, but the nature of the hit, cutting down his tire when JG gave Bowyer plenty of room to pass. Why did Bowyer get into Jeff’s tire? Was it intentional; you’d have to ask Clint. The bottom line is, Jeff’s been on the other side of the shoe more than once this year, and he finally had had enough.

Folks have been quick to say Jeff cost Clint a chance at the title. The other side of the pillow: that wreck cost Jeff Gordon a shot at the top-5 in points. After beginning the year with a blown engine and a 35th place finish, being wrecked or hit by Clint Bowyer at least three times, along with a host of other issues throughout the year and to still have a shot at the top-5 in points; it’s understandable why JG was a little frustrated. While it’s unfortunate that Logano and Almirola were involved, there comes a point where you have to let the offender know, I’m not pleased.  ‘Back in the day,’ it wasn’t as rare to see a driver let another one know that they were not pleased. Please see Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace, Darrell Waltrip and instances such as night Bristol races in the 90s, the ’79 Daytona 500, etc…

With the title up for grabs, It’s my hope that the season ends safely on Sunday with a great title battle and Jeff Gordon in Victory Lane. Frequently, I’ve heard that NASCAR needs to go back to the ol’ time way. You saw a bit of it Sunday.


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