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It’s Not Over

October 17, 2012

When my heart wanted to cave in
You breathed it to life.
And when I said forever
I’ll walk alone,
You’ve lead me to a place
Where even when I feel
Hurt, abused
You sing me alive.
With your song of life
I have a reason to press–
No longer distressed,
I give my all to you.

I hear the ghosts of my past
Trying to tell me
I’ll finish last, but
You tell me
This new day
Has just begun.
Even in my doubt,
My thoughts run while
You stand still.
While the wind blows,
I realize even then,
Your song of life
Will calm the waves–
Allow me to see
The beauty of falling leaves,
The simmering dusk…
While the night
Has owls, endless calm
stars drawn
by your hands.