B-B-T Pt. 1: Breakdown

April 30, 2012

My first car that I got was a ’95 Chevy Corsica. Along the way, my loyal steed has gotten in a few fender benders, and one of my goals is to restore it. With that said, I don’t just want to restore it to its original state, but I want it to shine, glimmer; be better than the original state I received it in. How much more does Jesus Christ love us and want a relationship with Him, greater than ever before?

When it comes to car restorations, one of the first steps is breaking down and taking apart the vehicle. Whether if it’s to sand, strip, etc, a breakup of some type must occur to gain the desired result. As we go through life, you’re going to face various trials, tough times and challenges, breakdowns if you will. In Romans 8:18, it says The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory which shall be revealed in us.” For God to get the glory out of our lives, we have to go through sufferings. For us to truly know Him, we have to go through things that push our comfort zone. We have to be willing to press through so that God can reveal Himself. In this scripture, there’s a condition: for the glory to be revealed, we must go through. Shall infers a future tense, meaning we may not see how God is going to show up in our present struggles. But, please believe, God is going to do it.

Many times, we don’t see the struggles, the hurts, pains, and difficulties in the proper perspective. So many times, we become overwhelmed and lost in the struggle and lose sight on the One who is constantly there. One of the Elders in my home church, Elder Harvey, taught on how in life we get caught in fog experiences. We get shrouded, often not knowing how we get caught up in different situations. But in the midst of the fog, God’s love, strength, peace and joy is waiting to reveal itself to you.

The question becomes then, are you looking for your true source of strength in the midst of the storm? Or, are you so caught up in looking at what’s trying to rattle you, that you lose sight on the one who will guide you? When Jesus faced the death, burial and resurrection, there was much more at stake than just the lives of those around Him. That same power exists today, and is ready to reach you right where you are. That same power wants to work in and through your life so that you may have a relationship grounded in His selfless love, grace and unmerited mercy. That same power is the fuel for the restoration of you and I to be able to experience Him afresh, in a new and mighty way, each and every day; no matter what is facing us as long as we turn to Him.



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