What’s Stopping You?

April 19, 2018

I just wanted to take a moment to encourage someone; remind you, it’s not over. There are instances in life where valleys and canyons take place. In the midst of the trials, there’s rain. Leaves fall from the trees. Sometimes, we get entranced to stare as the leaf falls to the ground. It’s easy to not enjoy the season for what it is….or is it? It can be daunting to wait for what seems to be an eternity.

Credit: davesdistrictblog.com

But, the key is not to keep your eyes on the ashes.

As your eyes peer through your eye lashes, yes, you may see ashes. But, you can see. You can breathe. You’re able to think. You’re able to process the situation, but the key is that the situation is not your end. If you choose to look beyond the ashes, the snow that’s hard to plow through…the disappointment…and go beyond the feelings that try to sift and drown and melt…you’ll realize that the water is there for you to walk on in faith.

As you look back over your life, the setbacks happened to propel you into destiny. Are you ready to dream again? Are you ready not to accept the status quo? Are you willing to take action steps to march to the beat that God has given you to achieve His greater purpose for your life? If you are willing to listen for His voice and obey, I know that He can and will bless you with exceeding, abundantly above all that you can ask or think. What’s stopping you from fulfilling your purpose? What’s stopping you from seeking to serve in God’s kingdom?


Worth Fighting

June 25, 2017

The faith inside
Won’t die to expectations
I thought I forgot
How to fight
But, then my blood remembered
This life isn’t mine

And it ran
Down the cross
Didn’t count the loss
But the gain
So I fight
For You already won

Can’t take the credit
For the glory is Yours
All I can say is
Without You,
There’d be nothing to fight for

The shadows try to play
In my mind
My instincts tell me
I’m not cold
But not hot
Lord, don’t spew me away

I draw close
To your heart
And your word
Mumbles to a pound
In my chest and mind
There’s something more

In His Hand

January 15, 2017

Psalm 89:13-16 King James Version (KJV)

13 Thou hast a mighty arm: strong is thy hand, and high is thy right hand.

14 Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face.

15 Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O Lord, in the light of thy countenance.

16 In thy name shall they rejoice all the day: and in thy righteousness shall they be exalted.

As a child of God, be encouraged that you are in His hand. As a child of God, you are victorious. Walk in His love and praise Him in advance for His goodness and mercy for His joy shall be your strength. Adversity may come and struggles may arise, but know and be encouraged that you shall come forth as pure gold.

The Not-so ‘Young’ Guns

January 15, 2017

When a co-worker told me about the retirement of Carl Edwards, I like many was caught off-guard. But, upon further reflection, I thought of Jeff Gordon and the thoughts I’d had previously.

Back in the day, NASCAR had commercials that featured the ‘young guns’ of the sport. Ryan Newman and a few others were spotlighted and, as a Jeff Gordon fan, I couldn’t help but ask, why wasn’t Jeff featured? He’s not that much older than him! When Jeff got towards the latter part of his NASCAR career and analysts commentated on how he was the elder statesman, I couldn’t help but think, they do know Dale Jr isn’t too far behind him?

My point in this is, back then, I felt that once Jeff retired, there were a few guys that probably wouldn’t be that far behind.

As Jeff was and remains a trendsetter in NASCAR, I believe a new trend of the ‘not-retired’ will arise and many drivers will step away from the full-time grind as drivers who started when they were four and five are closing in or are past 40. With Tony Stewart and now Carl Edwards stepping away, it’s only going to continue. In the meantime, enjoy the ride.

bad and good

December 23, 2015

I just wanted to take a moment to encourage someone. There are times in life when bad things occur to good people. There are definitely challenges to overcome, some things may have happened that you didn’t plan for. But, at the end of the day, when you trust in the Word of God and apply it, being a believer who is actively reaching, God is not slack in His promises. It may not be something that is incredibly monumental that you’re facing. It could be something that’s going on with a loved one, family member or friend. Might be someone you don’t understand. It may be a decision you’re in the process of making or a thorn you’re trying to overcome; but I know God is more than enough.

Psalms 27 was a word that reached out to me the past two weeks. Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. He’s got you.

Sometimes, bad things happen
To good people,
And today, sometimes,
Bad things do.
But, I’m encouraged
More times,
More often, tough things
Work to my good.

Thankful, I’m starting
Starting to see more and more
Of Your faithfulness,
The lack of my own
Reminds me of how much
I need to be thankful
For you cause
The bad to work to my good

I can be thankful
Even for the trials,
When I take my mind off
The miles and trust
In purpose
The trial
Isn’t for–me–
But for Your glory

The Heat is On/Off–Annie, Richard and me

July 18, 2015

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Heat is On.”

There are instances where I find that I work better under pressure. But, even then, the details ruminate in my mind and can tumble over and over. Just like thinking of something; to do it, you first have to have the initial thought to go forward before you can move. The alarm clock goes off…your eyes awaken…you start to fall back asleep….then, you remember that you have to be early….you smell the uncooked bacon…feel the urge of the unmade sale….rub your eyes…decide it’s time to run.

In the midst of that, there’s the question of who woke you up. As I believe it was God who woke me this morning, I realize it’s the thermometer within that will help me gauge what must be done today. He helps me think on what needs to be done, when. Sometimes, I will know that I need to write a paper for days, yet, as much as I want to get it done, it’s not until the last hour that certain details will come to me. Other times, the urgency will be so great that I will jot something down and it almost seems as if it’s writing itself.

It may have been Annie Dillard who said something to the effect that we have to be comfortable enough to not run to a notebook anytime we have an idea to write something. Sometimes, it’s better to allow ideas to grow. Other times, it’s better to write about that idea, the triggering subject that will grows into something completely different. One one side, there’s Annie with quotes like this:

“One of the things I know about writing is this: spend it all, shoot it, play it, lose it, all, right away, every time. Do not hoard what seems good for a later place in the book or for another book; give it, give it all, give it now. The impulse to save something good for a better place later is the signal to spend it now. Something more will arise for later, something better. These things fill from behind, from beneath, like well water. Similarly, the impulse to keep to yourself what you have learned is not only shameful, it is destructive. Anything you do not give freely and abundantly becomes lost to you. You open your safe and find ashes.”
Annie Dillard, The Writing Life

Another is from Richard Hugo, in Writing off the The Subject:

“When you start to write, you carry to the page one of two attitudes, though you may not be
aware of it. One is that all music must conform to truth. The other, that all truth must conform
to music. If you believe the first, you are making your job very difficult, and you are not only
limiting the writing of poems to something done only by the very witty and clever, such as
Auden, you are weakening the justification for creative writing programs. So you can take that
attitude if you want, but you are jeopardizing my livelihood as well as your chances of writing
a good poem. If the second attitude is right, then I still have a job. Let’s pretend it is right
because I need the money. Besides, if you feel truth must conform to music, those of us who
find life bewildering and who don’t know what things mean, but love the sounds of words
enough to fight through draft after draft of a poem, can go on writing–try to stop us.”

While this may or may not seem related, I believe that it is. As Richard Hugo wrote the Triggering Subject, there are instances where the the initial thought isn’t the end. We hear the sound, feel the wind when we don’t see it. Even when a task is begun, the ending is not with the completion of the task, or when it’s turned in. The collective remnants add to another, then to another, and another. Hence, what we know as truth is not stagnant but, it should continue to grow. Truth is not limited to a certain standard. It shouldn’t change or have loopholes, but we should find that we grow because of it.

We should not be limited to a set standard, but should be able to have an ever-growing relationship. One that is not stagnant and keeps you locked down. But, because it’s there, you’re there with another, moments build on each other. You’re not limited to the rules, because it’s a relationship. Understanding grows even in the midst of shortcomings and pitfalls and brokenness. Where deadlines are not dead, but lines that continue to grow, even when the ink stops.

Eating Elephants

May 25, 2015

This morning, I woke up (Praise the Lord!) and looked at video clips of people making their debt-free screams on the Dave Ramsey show. It inspired me, as it was everyday folks who made a decision, made sacrifices and kept their goals in mind for the greater good they wanted to accomplish. One person paid off $35,000 in a little over two years, making less than $40,000.

One man overcame spending time in jail for being a bank robber. You can view that amazing story here:

Finally, this woman paid off her house and gives God the glory for giving her wisdom

Mark 9:23 says, Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. In the passage, the boy’s father needed help with his unbelief. Believe in Him, and watch Him do it. There’s so much more to Mark 9, but that was a thought that stuck with me, to believe Him, trust Him at His word and have faith.

Answered Prayers

May 9, 2015

One of the things I was thinking on this morning is how God will answer our prayers. I was asking Him about something in my life and He gently asked me, what did you pray for? And it hit me. It wasn’t that God didn’t hear me or honor my request. He gave me a glimpse of how He is in control and how the particular issue is in His hands. He just didn’t answer my prayer in the way I originally anticipated.

I’d liken it to planting a garden. You plant the seed. It may not sprout at the exact pace, or maybe even the way you’d anticipate it. That’s when you go to the Master planter and you realize, He’s planting something in a way that is greater than you’d ever expect. From there, the seed produces a plant. Even more so, the other bit of good news is that the ground is fertile. The seeds you’re planting are not in vain. With that in mind, He may move in a way that may not seem comfortable. Transformation from generational curses, bad habits, etc isn’t comfortable, yet it is necessary. Mindsets shift, habits and perspectives shift. He’s painting the Master painting. He’ll sustain you in the waiting season. He will continue to nourish you. In the waiting, there is preparation for His greater, both in you and in the situation around you.

God hears your prayers. Your faith is moving in a way that is greater than you could ever anticipate. There’s a harvest that is greater than you can ask or think.

April 19, 2015

In this season, it is important for you to know who you are as a child of God. He hasn’t brought you this far to quit or to give up. There’s a difference between giving up and giving in to the leading of the Lord. Trust Him.

Experimenting with Haikus

February 16, 2015

So this is a brief attempt at a haiku based on the prompt of water and using a simile….

Praise, like water is
For the soul to grow, more than
Sorrow, to Son-light

Second draft
Praise like water, now
My heart a drumbeat thankful
Sinews, meshed in breath
Dust giving birth to new sound
Sorrow to sunlight


Praise, like water is
For the soul to grow–more than
Sorrow to Son–light
Praise like water, now
My heart a drumbeat thankful
Sinews, meshed in breath
Dust giving birth to new sound
Sorrow to sunlight